Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life is complicated!

OK, you know it's true - nothing is ever simple.  A family from NC came to pick up "Sasha's" puppy.  You have to keep in mind that these dogs were weaned very late!  This was the last of her pups to be adopted.  When the family took the pup out to their car, "Sasha" started ramming her head into the fence, a cyclone fence at that.  Evidently puppy was freaking out, too.  They let puppy back into the yard and Sasha laid on top of the pup.

When we met them on Saturday (foster Mom, K, brought the pup), a joke was made about us taking them both.  With "puppy dog eyes" (as K said), I looked up at Keith, who reminded me that when we had a puppy, I got too overwhelmed.  Hanging my head down in disappointment, I agreed.

Today, when I talked with K she said that the NC family was not expecting to take "Sasha" but realized it was a package deal - no "Sasha" = no puppy.  Should it not work out, both dogs are to be returned to K/the rescue.  K told me that we have first choice if we want to take both dogs.  The puppy thing is still an issue, but this little girl was calm for a 3 month old.  My suspicion is that it will work out in NC.

So, we can adopt "Sasha" and pup (on the off chance they return from NC), we can foster if we want (and God bless people who do; I get too attached), we can wait until the end of the year (for personal reasons) to even start looking again, we can look now and K will make the initial contact to see if that foster family will keep the dog until the end of the year - if they can, we'll meet, if not, K said she will foster the dog until we can bring him/her home... the list of options seems nearly endless.  K is going so far out of her way to help us connect with the dog that's out there for us!

K and the rescue are being great.  She said that they want to help us find a new family member.  I love K.  She is wonderful - kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, passionate about making sure the dogs are matched with the right family.... I could go on, but will leave it at the fact that she is really great.

Keith and I are both really sad about "Sasha" because we fell in love with her (and the pup, for that matter), but we certainly do not want her to be stressed and miserable!  God has a dog out there for us, we just have to find him/her and the rescue is going to help us!

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