Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drum Roll, Please......

I have a surgery date!!!!!  As soon as I scheduled my endoscopy, it prompted a call from the surgeon's office to schedule surgery and pre-op testing.  It turns out that the pre-op testing is just a few days before the endoscopy.  I'm easily amused and find that slightly humorous.

So, the big day..... April 26th!!

I remain excited, anxious, terrified... it's so emotional.  My life is going to change forever.  I wasn't this nervous on my wedding day (or night, since I was a virgin when I got married)!  In one simple surgery, my entire way of eating, foods I can eat, portion size.... they all go out the window and it's like I'm a baby starting from scratch.  In essence, I guess that's what it is.  I have to be on a liquid diet after surgery and then pureed food and then it's a matter of testing out foods and seeing what doesn't make me sick, and what I like.  I understand from others that food tastes differently after surgery.  Maybe I won't crave chocolate anymore.  Hmmmm, is that even possible for someone who has a vagina?

It's pretty late, but for the 3 people who read this, I wanted to let you know.