Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year?

I have to ask the question - is it a happy new year?  It is the time of the year when people vow to D-I-E-T.  Do you know how much I despise that word?  It's almost as bad as the "F" word!  Diets aren't for losing weight; lifestyle changes are what do it.  So, for those people making RESOLUTIONS <ugh> to lose weight, do you have a plan or is it just the general "eat better, " "drink less soda," or "go to the gym more?"

Do I have a plan?  Yes, I do.  My husband's car is paid off in the Spring and we are going to join the "Y."  I am going to take water aerobics classes.  I am going to eat less junk food, fewer calories, not have a full dessert every night for dessert and pay attention to <gasp> portion size.  Yes, these things are all important.  No, they are not "fun."  I have to admit the last water aerobics class I took was pretty fun!

However, I have surgery this week and am going to be laid up for 4-6 weeks.  That gets us that much closer to when we can get to a workout facility.  I do have an exercise bike here (recumbent, so better on my back), but I'll still be very limited with any extreme movement for a bit.

I lost 75 lbs in 2007 and it felt great!  Then some stuff happened and I gained it all back, not able to go to the gym or interested in eating right.  Well, I had surgery that year, too!  Maybe this is a sign.  (no, I don't really believe in signs)  So, is anyone with me?  Does anyone want to join in?  We can share progress reports!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Well, it's official, I am at my highest weight ever, although I only gained 1 lb while on a 10 day vacation in Disney World (WDW).  The seat belt extender worked fine, but my poor husband wasn't comfy sitting in the seat next to me - we both couldn't lean back, as our shoulders didn't "fit."

I had someone take a picture of my husband and myself, despite the fact that I despise that.  I am tired of being this weight, looking this way, feeling this way... BEING this way.  So, that picture can serve as my "before" photo.  Now, I am having major surgery next week and will not be allowed to do even light exercise for at least a month afterwards.  However, when I lost 75 lbs before, I had ankle surgery that May and was unable to do anything for 6 weeks.  I had a trip to WDW the end of that year, too.  Oh right, did I mention that we're booked to back the end of next year, too.  Yes, it will be my 11th trip and yes, I know that I am fanatical.

You know, maybe this is just the right combo for success: it's a new year, I'm having surgery and I have a trip to Disney planned for the end of the year.  When I get within 20 lbs of goal weight (136 lbs away, though at this point I'd be happy with it being 126 lbs away), my father will send us on a cruise.  It's not exactly a "carrot" since it's been out there for 6-7 yrs, but I won't turn it down, that's for darn sure!!

So, I have some food leftover that we bought on vacation and then it's on to my new lifestyle.  D-I-E-T is a 4-letter word in this house.  People go on and off diets, but this is something that has to be a change everyday for the rest of my life.  Will I allow myself to have some sweets which aren't "light" or enjoy dessert most nights?  Absolutely!  I would be setting myself up for failure otherwise!  A few more days of being less-than-careful and then it's "new way of eating" for me!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yes, I'm fat and I'm feeling it right about now.  I'm .5 lbs less than my highest weight.  I'm about to get on a plane and have to ask for a seat belt extender, praying it's big enough.  I just hope they don't ask me to buy a second seat.  It's embarrassing enough to look this way.  I've never flown at this weight.  I'm so self-conscious.  I feel like people will be looking at me thinking "I hope I'm not in the seat next to her!"

Clothes I bought to wear while I'm away were snug when they arrived; there is no way they will fit now.  UGH!

I. Am. Fat. and it's disgusting!