Monday, October 31, 2011

The big meet and greet!!!

We met her - the furry girl we hope to be our next kid and she's WONDERFUL!  Beautiful too, right??  She's beautiful and calm and loving and fuzzy... I could go on and on.  Keith and I are in love!  She's being spayed and chipped today and I'll be a little anxious until I know she's out of surgery ok.

We met at my folks' house (the one they recently moved out of) so the foster Mom didn't have to drive all the way up here.  Sasha (that's the dog's name -- until we change it to Casey) did fine.  The foster Mom and her boyfriend brought alone Sasha's puppy, who left for her forever home in North Carolina yesterday.  Sasha was such a natural nurturer.  When I went to give Sasha a treat, when puppy got in the way, Sasha just let her have it.  It's no wonder she needs to put on weight!

I think she'll be perfect for us.  She's not super energetic, nor is she high maintenance.  She does shed, but evidently loves to be brushed and I find that time to be really special between me and a furry kid so I look forward to it.  There were two other families for the foster Mom to meet, but things went really, really well on Saturday and I have a good feeling about this!!!

I can't wait to post the good news!

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