Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the truth shall set you free....

I'm fat.  Period.  Some people are upset by the name of my blog.  This wasn't my first choice.  In fact, it wasn't until maybe 45 mins after I started this process that I came up with a unique name.  It could just as easily be "Musings of a Crazy Chick" but I, obviously, decided on the latter.

How fat, you may ask?  Well, that's my own business and *if* I decide to post any numbers, it will be the amount of weight I have to lose or have lost.  Other than that, mind your own business and if you have a problem with it, stay off my blog!  :P

I'm limited to shopping in catalogs for 90% of my clothes, I'm mortified when I have to ask a flight attendant for a seat-belt extender, I'm having some medical treatments and barely fit in one of the "normal" wheelchairs, I take my own bath sheet to hotels because the ones they provide are useless, I sometimes have to *ASK* for the larger gown when I have x-rays (or whatever) done.  Ok, people, is it not clear that I NEED the larger cuff when taking my blood pressure?  The paramedic tried it with the smaller cuff and got some absurd number like 220/180.  Ok, we'd be traveling to the hospital a whole heck of a lot faster if that were my actual blood pressure.  Think... just think!  It's embarrassing to have to ask for larger things, it really is.  Take one look at me and it's not as if I'm on the cusp of "normal" things!

I am responsible for every bit of food that goes into my body and every minute of exercise I'm not getting.  I know that full well.  However, when you see someone who's fat, don't judge.  Personally, the massive number of medications I take slow down my metabolism, which also slows with age.  I haven't been able to get to the gym for nearly 4 years and gained back the 75 (yes, you read that right.... 75!!!) pounds I lost in 2007.  Fat people... we know HOW to lose weight so please don't lecture about portion control and exercise and the proportion of meat:veggies:starch on our plates.  We know it.  Personally, I've been dealing with it for a good part of my life.  I'll tell ya, though, if I could look like I did in high school (where I was endlessly teased), I'd do it.  I'm not sure how everyone thought I was so fat - disgusting if you ask me!

So, that is my fat rant.  The world is not built for us fatties, but judging - that doesn't help the matter any.

All that being said, I still like to say that "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" (just like the dog I'm trying to adopt!).  Yep, I'll take size XF (extra fluffy), thank you very much!

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