Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Well, it's official, I am at my highest weight ever, although I only gained 1 lb while on a 10 day vacation in Disney World (WDW).  The seat belt extender worked fine, but my poor husband wasn't comfy sitting in the seat next to me - we both couldn't lean back, as our shoulders didn't "fit."

I had someone take a picture of my husband and myself, despite the fact that I despise that.  I am tired of being this weight, looking this way, feeling this way... BEING this way.  So, that picture can serve as my "before" photo.  Now, I am having major surgery next week and will not be allowed to do even light exercise for at least a month afterwards.  However, when I lost 75 lbs before, I had ankle surgery that May and was unable to do anything for 6 weeks.  I had a trip to WDW the end of that year, too.  Oh right, did I mention that we're booked to back the end of next year, too.  Yes, it will be my 11th trip and yes, I know that I am fanatical.

You know, maybe this is just the right combo for success: it's a new year, I'm having surgery and I have a trip to Disney planned for the end of the year.  When I get within 20 lbs of goal weight (136 lbs away, though at this point I'd be happy with it being 126 lbs away), my father will send us on a cruise.  It's not exactly a "carrot" since it's been out there for 6-7 yrs, but I won't turn it down, that's for darn sure!!

So, I have some food leftover that we bought on vacation and then it's on to my new lifestyle.  D-I-E-T is a 4-letter word in this house.  People go on and off diets, but this is something that has to be a change everyday for the rest of my life.  Will I allow myself to have some sweets which aren't "light" or enjoy dessert most nights?  Absolutely!  I would be setting myself up for failure otherwise!  A few more days of being less-than-careful and then it's "new way of eating" for me!

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