Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year?

I have to ask the question - is it a happy new year?  It is the time of the year when people vow to D-I-E-T.  Do you know how much I despise that word?  It's almost as bad as the "F" word!  Diets aren't for losing weight; lifestyle changes are what do it.  So, for those people making RESOLUTIONS <ugh> to lose weight, do you have a plan or is it just the general "eat better, " "drink less soda," or "go to the gym more?"

Do I have a plan?  Yes, I do.  My husband's car is paid off in the Spring and we are going to join the "Y."  I am going to take water aerobics classes.  I am going to eat less junk food, fewer calories, not have a full dessert every night for dessert and pay attention to <gasp> portion size.  Yes, these things are all important.  No, they are not "fun."  I have to admit the last water aerobics class I took was pretty fun!

However, I have surgery this week and am going to be laid up for 4-6 weeks.  That gets us that much closer to when we can get to a workout facility.  I do have an exercise bike here (recumbent, so better on my back), but I'll still be very limited with any extreme movement for a bit.

I lost 75 lbs in 2007 and it felt great!  Then some stuff happened and I gained it all back, not able to go to the gym or interested in eating right.  Well, I had surgery that year, too!  Maybe this is a sign.  (no, I don't really believe in signs)  So, is anyone with me?  Does anyone want to join in?  We can share progress reports!


  1. Happy New Year Jennifer!

    I will join you...well, I'll promise to cheer you on if you promise to encourage me to keep going to the Y. For me, weight loss would be a bonus. I just want to build my muscles back up and get in better cardiovascular shape.

  2. Kristin, that sounds great! Whatever the reason, I think most red-blooded humans need some encouragement to consistently make it to the gym. I got your back if you got mine!