Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yes, this is ridiculous.  I continue to get to my top weight.  I'm disgusted by my appearance and the clothes I have to wear... none of which are flattering.  My brain is just all screwy and it's like I'm driven to eat.  None of it really matters, does it?  I mean, I'm too fat to be intimate with my husband but other than that, it's just worthless me in my big, fat body.  Yeah, I'm tired of it, but don't have the energy to do anything about it and wonder what it matters anyway.  Hmph!


  1. All that negative self-talk is a lie. You need to get some help from a counselor before it destroys your life. I've had body dysmorphia for a long time and I know. I also have a medical disorder called PCOS that makes me gain weight. You might be struggling there too if diets are'nt working and depression is clouding the path to your sucess. The negative self-talk is keeping you from feeling there is a way out. Its blinding you to the fact you have to the key to your release in your hand. But all these lies your mind is telling you are blocking the way. Please find someone to help you learn to be mindful and love yourself and your body. Once you change your mind, you can change your body or learn to love it. And know your loved ones love you too. One trick I know is to look diagonally up in either direction when you have a negative message trigger. Keep looking up and it will trick your brain into accessing your frontal logical area of your brain and clear that thought in ten seconds. There is so much more you can learn. There is hope!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Losing weight I admit is not easy. Trying to run and exercise is really a chore for most of us. Particularly after I gained weight, I just put on more and more. Especially when I suffered from a leg injury few years back, the weight gain is terrible.

    Although for few years, I just accepted my weight gain. I noticed that the more I accept, the more I don't care and the more weight I put on. Then, along came a lot of health problems including pcos, etc.

    Recently, I was introduced to Nu Skin's TRA programme and I think it really helped me a lot, I lost about 3.3kg fats in 5 weeks. There is a 80% success rate and you get to really lose weight in 3 months and to sustain it thereafter. This was the guy who introduced me to TRA and he lost more than 20 kg in 3 months without going through hunger and not much exercise.

    The side effect is he had to change an entire set of wardrobe!