Thursday, January 12, 2012

There's No Way!

I made the mistake of stepping on the scale the other day and it read 14.5 lbs more than the day prior to surgery.  Seriously?over my last weight?  Ummm, no.

I did get dehydrated post-op and they pumped me full of fluids for 3 days, but 14.5 lbs?  No.

I already hate my scale - I hate what it "tells" me.  I already know that I'm fat and to see a number is just delightful <note sarcastic tone here>.

I. Think. Not.

It may be a while until I step on the scale again.  UGH!


  1. I wrote a comment earlier, but it's gone. Boo. Hmmm; wonder how I screwed that up!

    Anyway, here's the gist of what I said . . .

    Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Tomorrow is a new day.

    Surgery is a funny, weird thing. It screws with your system. Then, when they're pumping you full of fluids, that crap weighs a lot.

    I know you can't be very active right now following your surgery, but you CAN make good choices with your food. Starting tomorrow, control your portions . . . log your food and beverage. Watch your sodium (if you're retaining water, keeping your sodium intake in check will help with that!).

    Ask your dr (or a nurse in the dr's office) if you can use hand weights and work out your arms while you're having to take it easy. Or maybe even ankle weights . . . you could work your quads while sitting.

    Every little bit counts. Calories in; calories out . . . and even if it doesn't seem like much, working your arms will help you burn more calories than if you're just sitting there.

    Keep your chin up; this will pass and you'll be back on your feet in no time!

  2. Sweetie, you'd be amazed how much water can weigh. I can almost guarantee it is all water weight.